Lenny Breau

Lenny Breau was truly a guitar player’s guitar player. This Maine-born jazz artist had very few peers but even they, along with his fans, were continually fascinated and inspired by the completely original and innovative workings of his musical mind. Lenny invented things to do on the guitar that no player had done.  He recorded several solo albums. He naturally caught the attention and respect of the great Chet Atkins who recorded an album with Lenny and became his friend.

In 1982, Kirk built Lenny a solid body seven string jazz guitar with a high A string. It was a very special guitar and is the most "custom" guitar he has ever made. It had a birdseye maple top and faceplate on the headstock, humbucking pickups, a hand sculpted brass tailpiece, and a set of roller controls that Lenny could access without moving his right hand while he was playing. Lenny was thrilled with the new guitar!

The untimely passing of Lenny Breau in 1984 has not served to diminish his effect on the guitar-playing world.  This singular and purely gifted man continues to challenge and inspire us.

For more information on Lenny visit www.lennybreau.com