Richard Smith

Artist pictureBy the time Richard Smith was eleven years old, he could "play everything Chet could play just like Chet". Obviously a child prodigy, Richard impressed everyone who laid ears on him (including Chet!), but he wasn't content with that kind of notoriety for long. Through his teenage years, faithful followers of Richard's virtuosity were constantly delighted and amazed as this truly remarkable player evolved and grew.

Richard has the chops to be one of the finest fingerstylists ever, but through the years he has also mastered every other style of music and incorporated the subtlest nuances of this exhaustive study into all of his playing. His gifted musicality, imagination, and flawless technique combine to make Richard Smith easily one of the great players of his time.


Artist picureThe Smith family, comprised of Richard and his two also naturally talented brothers, Robert and Sam, and their VERY lovely and supportive parents, Doug and Ann, live in England. The Smith Brothers form a three-piece combo and travel throughout Europe and the United States performing and thrilling guitar fans wherever they go.

Kirk met Richard in 1992 and built him a guitar "just like Chet's". They collaborated on a new guitar, now in production, called the Richard Smith Model.

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