Paul Yandell

artist pictureWhat can be said about the guy that has been sitting on Chet Atkins' right hand in every live performance for over thirty years? Well, we could say that he earned this amazing privilege by being a flawless player, but that's to be expected. We could mention that Paul has that rare combination of intuition and grace in his playing that is so necessary when backing up the Father of Fingerstyle, Mr. Guitar himself. But even that doesn't go far enough.

No, Paul Yandell is a great player in his own rite. If you take this shy, humble guy off the stage and somehow coax him into playing for you it will be immediately apparent that Paul is his own talent, that he plays with Chet because he loves the man and is devoted to the music.

Kirk built a guitar for Paul in 1996. Paul wanted a 2 ¼ inch deep mahogany model with a super slim neck. Soon after receiving his new Sand Guitar, Paul gave us this quote, "As close to perfection as you can get; a Sand guitar." Thank you, Paul. So are you.

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