Carved Top Electric Guitars

CTEThe Carved Top Electric guitar is one of Kirk Sand's brand new designs. Kirk is less known for being a carved top guitar builder, but isn't new to carved top guitars.

After his rock and classical guitar careers ended, he entered his Jazz guitar era. Kirk loved the old carved top instruments from the 30's and 40's. He collected Epiphone Emperor models, and could not get enough of them! Kirk would take them apart, study the models, and make them beautiful.

Kirk Sand has always wanted to make a carved top instrument, but has been busy in the nylon string electric world. This is his first entry into this style of guitar, and Kirk is really excited about it; it will be accepted by many guitarists in a wide variety of guitar styles.

The body of the carved top electric is made of the finest Honduras Mahogany. It is routed completely hollow and fitted with a hand carved spruce soundboard; just like an old Jazz guitar. That is the fun part!

Available in any neck size or scale length. Many pickup combinations are also optional.

Prices: CTE-2 $7,500    CTE-1 $7,000