I designed and started building The Mahogany model Sand guitar almost 20 years ago.

I really had Chet in mind for this guitar. He was using the Gibson CE at the time, but was interested in something with less sustain in the bass and a lighter weight body.

I Discovered by hollowing the body completely out, and putting a standard braced classic top on it was the answer. As soon as Chet played it, he ordered one.

As Chet mentions in “Me and My Guitars”, “I liked it so well I started playing it. To avoid any problems with Gibson, I had a Gibson decal put on the headstock of it. Then I persuaded Gibson to make a deal with Kirk and they started making the guitar using his design. It was to become one of my favorite guitars, especially for recording”.

Thank you Chet!

This guitar comes in any nut width, neck thickness, or scale length.

The soundboard is either Sitka or Englemann Spruce. Ebony fingerboard is standard as are various fret markers. It comes with standard wood purfling or Abalone trim.

RMC electronics are standard. Other electronics are also available on request.