John Knowles Signature Model

Richard SmithKirk Sand is proud to introduce the new John Knowles Signature Model Sand Guitar. It is one of my newest designs, yet one that John and Kirk have been working on for many years. John and Kirk Sand have been collaborating on guitar designs since 1979.

It was John's influence that was so important to the development of Sand's nylon string electric guitar, and in his great relationship with Chet Atkins. John is not only a great player, but is very knowledgeable of guitar design. You don't have to have John's PhD. in physics to be good at this, but it helps!

The JKM guitar is a top of the line Sand Guitar. Sand utilizes all the best materials and special customer care to create this masterpiece.

This instrument has the finest Brazilian Rosewood back and sides available in the world! A Master Grade Sitka Spruce soundboard is used, as well as the finest straight grained Mahogany neck. The finest Ebony Kirk Sand has, is only good enough for this model.

This instrument comes standard with L.R. Baggs electronics. It is available on a limited basis.

Price: John Knowles Signature Model $12,000