The Sand Model

In 1990, Gibson started making a nylon string electric guitar with my new hollow body design. It was called a Chet Atkins "Studio Classic".  Chet was the catalyst for this new project. He describes it best in his book "Me and my guitars". 

     " This semi-acoustic guitar came from a design by California guitar builder Kirk Sand. He designed a thin acoustic guitar with a standard braced classic top. I liked it so well I started playing it. To avoid any problems with Gibson, I had a Gibson decal put on the headstock of it. Then I persuaded Gibson to make a deal with Kirk and they started making the guitar using his design."   Chet Atkins.

    Last year I decided to make a limited amount of instruments that were of the Studio Classic design. It has a very distinctive look with the Fluer D' li on the face and the "cgp" inlay on the fretboard. There are a lot of Chet fans that love this design, and the original Studio Classics are quite collectable these days.

    So here is my version of the "Chet Atkins Studio Classic" guitar. circa 2012 a.d.

   Price: $6,500.00 w/case