Sand Guitar's Satisfied Customers

I've been playing Kirk Sand guitars for about six years now. I think Kirk is one of the Premier builders on the scene today. Not only are his guitars beautiful to the eye, but the workmanship is superb and the sound is great. Keep up the good work Kirk!

Rick Allred
Greensboro NC

When I consider describing my Sand guitar, many accolades come to mind. Impeccable tone, wonderfully designed, tastefully constructed. It's difficult for me to extol all of the virtues of this instrument in a single testimony.
But what is easy to praise is the man who made it. Kirk went to painstaking lengths to insure customer satisfaction, and I could'nt be happier with the results. I got exactlly the neck I requested.
I love my Sand guitar, as I knew I would. Thanks Kirk!........

Steve Bishop
Nashville TN

I have been overwhelmed with my Sand guitar since receiving it. Incredible tone combined with the perfect setup makes for a very addicting guitar!
Thanks Kirk for the great guitar...

Ted Blankenship
Detroit MI

Nearly every concert people will tell me this guitar is the warmest, yet clearest they've ever heard. I've played a Sand guitar for years because it is a smooth, well balanced instrument.

Jonathan Burchfield
Nashville TN

I've been performing and recording for almost ten years using Sand guitars.The response, dynamic control, sound, and the incredible ease of playability are wonderfully matched by the beauty and elegance of Kirk's guitars. Besides being fortunate enough to have two Sand guitars, I also count my blessings in having Kirk as my friend. Kirk is simply the best! He is incredibly helpful with all the aspects of his guitars and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is second to none.

Pete Cavano
Cleveland Ohio

I first walked into Kirk Sand's shop and played one of his electric classical guitars almost a year ago now. I fell in love with it immediately! I ordered one from Kirk on the spot and a few months later it was delivered. And this guitar has exceeded my expectations in almost every way. It plays better than any of my guitars and it has a beautiful electric tone. I have lots of high end guitars, but the Kirk Sand guitar gets 90% of my attention. Also, Kirk is amazing to work with. He keeps you fully informed of the progress on your guitar and YOU get to make every decision. His flexibility, craftsmanship, and precise attention to detail gives you loads of confidence every step of the way. I am already planning my next one!!!

Jay Cober
Sherman Oaks CA

My Sand OM Steel string guitar is manufactured with Master grade Brazilian Rosewood and Engleman Spruce top. Kirk allowed me to sort through his large collection of Master grade materials and with his skill and experience he produced a guitar that has incredible tone (bell tone), superb playability and is aesthetically very pleasing to the eye. Kirk worked with me to develop features that I think made this guitar very impressive. It includes a slotted headstock with an ebony faceplate and the guitar is a 24.9 inch scale with a 1 ¾” neck making it a great guitar for finger-style. I am so happy with this guitar that after one year of playing it I asked Kirk to build a second one with a cutaway style. I know that I won't be disappointed.

Bill Davis
Huntington Beach CA

My Sand electric classical is without a doubt the finest amplified nylon string guitar I have ever heard or played. The tone and presence are unmatched, the workmanship is impeccable, and the playability is effortless. And to top it off, Kirk is a great guy, too!

My association with Kirk has been a great blessing to me, and I am honored to call him my friend.

Craig Dobbins
Gadsden AL

I love my Sand guitar! The materials, workmanship and tone are superior. Chet Atkins, the Country Gentleman, really made his sing! Mine is a one of a kind instrument that Kirk built just for me. It's an instrument that is very close to what Kirk made for Chet, but is personalized with my inlay design. I love its sound and its beauty. Kirk worked closely with me to ensure I got the instrument that I wanted. He talked to me often about every detail. I can't say enough nice things about this talented luthier and gentleman.............


Kirk has always surpassed my hopes and expectations in producing a guitar. From sharing the conception of ideas to the finished product he makes the experience an actual journey in creativity and craftsmanship rather than the mere purchase of an instrument. I'm enjoying my second Sand guitar now in ten years. Each time I pick one up, I'm amazed. Thanx Kirk.

Dave Hall
Santa Maria CA

My Sand Guitar is the perfect blend between a Classical guitar and a Jazz guitar. Having done hundreds of gigs an this guitar, it has always comes through with the right tone and the right touch.. awesome!!

Richard Hastings
Los Angeles CA

I love this guitar. For quite some time I had wanted a seven string electric nylon string guitar. I had never actually played one of Kirk's guitars but I knew he was the right maker to build it. Once I ordered it, the fun began. Kirk worked with me on every minute, dimension & detail. He emailed me "in process" photos. When he delivered the guitar I knew immediately that I had made the right decision. It is everything I hoped it would be & more.The guitar is flawless. Kirk's workmanship is unsurpassed. It plays effortlessly, sounds incredible & feels great. I can actually record directly from the RMC piezo system. It sounds rich not tick tacky like most piezos. Thanks Kirk!

Dave Hirschman
New York

My Sand guitar is a superbly crafted instrument, that demands to be played; Great midrange projection and dynamics allow me to make music with the tone I've always wanted.'

Eric Hoeg
Nashville TN

My Kirk Sand instrument is a player's dream. It has a feel like no other guitar that I own. By design, its playability is almost effortless. I am amazed that I can access the highest regions of the fingerboard with such ease. The instrument is also a listener's dream, owing to its uncompromising tonal response and sustain. Kirk's innovation reveals itself throughout the unique design and flawless construction of the guitar. Everything that is built into its fabrication has a purpose. Kirk's reputation as a master builder is well deserved…and he is a true professional and a pleasure to deal with.
I ordered my Sand instrument unheard and unseen and it performed beyond my expectations. Perhaps the most effective way to describe the instrument is that quite simply, it is a player's reward

Gene Ianucci
New Jersey

I have several high-end guitars that I enjoy very much. None of them compare to my Sand Guitar. Its playability is exceptional. It is very difficult to put it down when I start playing it. I'm thinking about ordering a different Sand model guitar. Thanks, Kirk!

Ken Ivers
Redmond Oregon

The most comfortable guitar I've ever played. A total joy to play At first I felt guilty for owning such a fine guitar, but I've since gotten over it. It's not just a guitar, it's a work of art.

E.B. Jensen
Whittier CA

I am a lefty, and in 50 years I have never been able to find a guitar that was just right for me. Then I had Kirk Sand build a custom nylon string electric guitar for me. It is perfect! I sent Kirk all the specs I could, and he made a guitar for me that is just what I dreamed of. When he called to say the guitar was ready, I told him I would send him a check for the balance due. He said no, wait till you get the guitar to make sure it is perfect for you. Mr. Kirk Sand is a man of honor, integrity, and a true craftsman. I believe Kirk builds guitars %100 as a labor of love. He is a rare breed.

Stan Karaban
Philadelphia PA

Of all my guitars, my Sand is the one I grab first and play the longest. It is without a doubt my favorite guitar, I love it...

Tom Keene
Musician, composer, arranger and conductor
Los Angeles CA

Kirk Sand constructs great instruments, period. As they are refined to the exact wants and needs of each player. I asked him to make my guitars play like my electric steel stringed arch top instruments. He did and I purchased them knowing exactly how they would play before I received them. Like no other. Thanks Kirk .

Gary Lambert
Hemet CA

The slim neck profile, buttery action, high register access and tonal control via E.Q. make my Sand a dream to play. Better still, it allows me to bring in classical elements into the jazz standards that I play, and develop my own style. It's set up for a very light touch, and I can play it for hours.

Mike Nelson
San Diego CA

The great Chet atkins once said, "If you are lucky when you are young, someone will put a guiitar in your hands." I would add to that, If you are very lucky, that guitar would be a Sand! The only way to fully appeciate the value of a Sand guitar is to know the man who made it. Kirk Sand builds each guitar as if it would be the only one he will ever make. Each instrument is a unique work of art. The guitar is finished only when it is prefectly fitted into the hands of the musician who will bring out the music it is designed to create. Thanks, Kirk for placing that very special guitar into my hands.

Darrell Owens
Anaheim CA

I own several high end guitars but my Sand is unquestionably my favorite. There's only one problem with it… after I play it for a few days I have to ask myself why I own any of the others! It's the best sounding, easiest playing guitar I have ever played. Period.

Paul Patsis
Portland Oregon

I have a nylon string electric guitar and a steel string acoustic/electric guitar made by Kirk Sand.
Both instruments exceed my expectations and challenge me to become a better player.
The quality and integrity of the guitars are a true reflection of the quality and integrity of the man who stands behind them.
A Sand Guitar…buy with confidence, play with pride.

Rodger Riggs
Fulshear TX

I can't say enough about my Sand guitar. I have wanted one for years and I haven't been dissapointed. The sound is beautiful whether I'm playing in my living room unamplified or through my Acousticube IIa. In the 30+ years I've been playing nylon string guitars, this really is the best playing instrument I've ever owned.

Tony Ross
Tempe AZ

I am the proud owner of a Kirk Sand electric classical guitar that not only looks great, but also sounds magnificent! The workmanship is impeccable and is just like new 6 years after Kirk built it for me. The instrument is very easy to play, and has excellent intonation and tonal qualities. The instrument really shows off its high quality of sound when I plug it into my Standel, AER or Trace Eliot amplifiers. The RMC electronics are excellent, providing a clear, clean sound when played through my amps, or connected direct into the studio mixing board. I have recommended this guitar to many friends and fellow thumb pickers. Those who played it are amazed by the sound and the quality of the workmanship. Kirk, thank you for building an instrument that I dearly love to play.

Paul Storm
Caledonia MI

It is indeed a rare experience to order something custom made and have it exceed your expectations and then just keep on giving throughout the years... That has been the case since 1992 when I got my Kirk Sand Chet Atkins model....Of my 22 or so guitars it is in my hands 95% of the time during gigs... I never thought I would play primarily nylon string guitar for a living but your guitar has changed my style and my life....Thanks...

Bruce Wall
Huntington Beach CA

If I could only have one guitar I would choose my Sand Nylon Electric every time. It is by far the best guitar I have ever played. The tonal quality, exceptional feel, and innovative design of the guitar can only be attributed to the finest materials and craftsmanship of the quality individual who builds these guitars, Mr. Kirk Sand.

Bob Wallace
Layton Utah

She carries serial number 440, so naturally she came to be called "A-440" . With her breathtaking beauty, impeccable intonation, transparent electronics, and poised balance, my sweet A-440 is a love affair in progress.

Dick Ward
Elbridge NY

I've had my Kirk Sand's guitar for seven years and I'm still thrilled with its ease of playability and superb tone qualities. For recording instrumentals its sound can't be beat. Kirk's workmanship is second to none.

Alan J Yeoman
Rabbit Tracks Studio
Jamestown OH

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